I like to write too. - Abraham Lim

Last night I tweeted the following: 

Some people have taken these tweets as me “hating” on Michael. 

… I’m sorry, what? 

Michael is one of my good friends on the show and we’ve been good friends since callbacks. And I would NEVER bash a friend, especially when they had no control over a given situation or outcome. Moreover, everyone forgets lyrics and we, as performers, are the most hard on ourselves when we don’t deliver a performance as we feel like we should. I know Michael felt the same way; and after Tyler had been sent home, Michael and I hugged it out back at the dorms and I congratulated him on being called back. I love Michael and he knows that.

Ultimately, it’s Ryan Murphy’s show and I happen to respect and admire him enough to respect his decision as well regardless of the outcome.

Having said all of that, the point of this entry isn’t to prove myself or validate anything I said because quite frankly, I know who I am and I know what I meant when I tweeted that. Rather, the point of this blog is to exemplify how during a week like “Sexuality” week, people can allow their misconstrued ideas of sexuality to lead them to extremely biased opinions.

For WEEKS, people have been vicious to Tyler for outcomes he had absolutely no control over whatsoever. Sure, you’re free to not like his voice or doubt his abilities as a performer. We are all entitled to our opinions, but I have seen people not only criticize his performances, but judge his lifestyle, make assumptions about his transition, and literally wish death upon him. But let’s just say for one minute that Tyler flubbed the lyrics for half of his last chance performance this past week. Even if he laughed it off and came off as incredibly endearing during the song, I sincerely doubt that most of the viewers would say, “Oh, Tyler. That was so cute. TEAMTYLER FTW!” … No. 

Why? I don’t know. I guess that question is for you to answer. But if you ask me, I will say this: sexuality isn’t just about the outside, but it’s about the confidence that you embody (if you want to hear my thoughts on sexuality, you can hear them HERE). However, we’re so caught up with one’s appearance that we forget the core of what makes one sexy. I can accept this for now because hey, it’s television and this is the industry, but do I think it’s fair and will I do everything in my power to change such a status quo? You best believe I will.

I’m not going to censor myself or be this fake, embellished thing because I want to be honest with my fans. In that, however, I know that there will be lots of hate thrown my way as well, but if that’s the price for being honest and standing up for the things and people I believe in, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I hope you can respect that. 

Oh, and just to clear the air, I think Michael and Tyler are both sexy as hell inside and out, so shoutout to two very sexy men from The Glee Project.

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